Wednesday, September 11, 2013


It's no great secret that I despise religion. I believe that it is the truest evil on this planet, and today I'm going to pick on the mormons. So if you're a mo you better stop reading now if you want to keep liking me. And on a side note, since this is MY blog I don't feel that I should censor myself or apologize for anything I feel or say here.
On this day in 1857 a bunch of mo's dressed up as Paiute Indians, attacked and slaughtered 130 innocent people passing through Utah on a wagon train from Arkansas heading to Cali. There are a lot of excuses offered giving motive, but the bottom line is the mo's finally felt they were in a position to turn the tables on their former persecutors in Missouri. By the way, Missouri is the next state up from Arkansas, which in those days may as well been on the other end of the country. The wagon train was fairly wealthy with a lot of livestock and Brother Brigham  wanted those cattle. They all figured that if they dressed up like Indians they could get away with it. After five days a guy approached the wagon train in his own cloths and with a white flag of truce and said he'd struck a deal with the Indians (the 2 that had wondered over to see what was going on), and if they would leave their cattle, weapons and all belongings behind they would be safely escorted to Cedar City by the mormon militia. The wagon train agreed. First thing the mo's did was round up all the kids under 8 because they were "too young to tell tales", this also happens to be the momo's age of accountability, put them in a wagon and send them away. Then they marched everyone else down the road a mile and slaughtered them in cold blood. The mo's then pilfered the spoils. It is said that some of the young survives would even spot women wearing their mothers dresses after that.
A year after the Mountain Meadow Massacre an Army regiment was sent to investigate. They found the bodies still laying on the ground a year later. They buried the bodies and erected a memorial. Shortly after they left Brother Brigham himself traveled down to the site. He had his men tear down the memorial and said,"Vengeance was mine and I took a little."
Now, I will not respond to any comments on this post. There is no explanation, no excuse, no justification for this event. Trying to pick apart semantics, or argue over fine details takes away from the gravity of this atrocity. Few mo's even know what happened, most are brought up with a vague, poorly painted lie. If you want to make excuses or quibble over details go ahead, but you're just condoning these actions if you do.
All this said, I am declaring this day my personal Religion Free Day. Most days I'm willing to bite my lip and let shit slide, but not today. From now on this will be my day free from peoples religious bullshit. Anyone who brings religion or faith, in or anywhere near my life in any way, will be removed from it. I will forget I know you and go on with my life happier for it.

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