Friday, November 5, 2010

I refuse to be governed by conformity.

So, a funny thing happened to me today. For about half an hour (maybe forty-five minutes) I forgot who I was.
Let me preface this story by saying, "I hate glassware!" I am a big guy, who is clumsy. I like my kitchenware durable.
So, after a trip to the state owned store of sin , I was in search of wine glasses. At the dollar store the glasses were too cheap. At Target (a.k.a.Wal-mart plus) they were too expensive. As I was looking at a set of 4 glasses for $15.95-ish, it suddenly dawned on me, "Why am I looking at a special glass to drink wine out of?" I am Ian Owens! Since when do I conform? Why would wine taste any different from a wine glass than it would from a mason jar? Plus a mason jar is so much more my style.