Sunday, March 20, 2011

Is It Possible That I'm Just An Idiot?

I have found myself once again crazy about someone who cannot or will not return my affections. This has become so common a pattern in my attempts at making a love connection, that it's not even sad anymore. It's more like hilariously tragic.
The pattern goes exactly like this:
We meet and hit it off instantly.
We get along great and are very comfortable with each other, finding lots to converse about.
We begin to REALLY like each other.
Enough time passes for her to realize that I am actually as nice a guy as I seem to be (apparently that is rare).

Then it occurs to her that nice guys are suppose to finish last, those are just the rules, she didn't make them up, but they must be followed. And then we have the conversation where she explains that she's not done figuring herself out yet. She's not done having fun or ready to commit to one person.
BUT, She also explains that I am so amazing and so special to her, she can't bare the idea of not having me in her life. And with that, I am cast in role of best guy friend.
She then proceeds to date every shithead in site all the while saying to me, "I can't believe you haven't found someone, you're such a great guy."
This has happened to me no less than half a dozen times. Needless to say, I am angry at the entire female gender. Ladies, I really wish you would get together as a group and decide who among you is willing to welcome me in from the wasteland known as the "friend zone".