Sunday, December 6, 2009

Reflection Day

Reflection day was a few days ago. This day comes every year whether I want it to or not; and I'm not so good about going through the whole routine every year. But this year I made a point of keeping with the tradition I started over a decade ago. For those who have no idea what I'm talking about. On my birthday each year (I've skipped it a couple of times) I go up on top of the Red Hill at 2:22 pm, and get comfortable in a spot where I can see the whole town. And then I reflect on the past year of my life. I also try and figure what I want to do with the next year. Usually it's a pretty quick hike up there and back, but this year I was up there for over an hour. Must have had a lot to figure out. And figure out, I did; in fact, I even can back with a plan. Which is a really good thing because I've been a little stressed lately. I was so pleased with the outcome, that I rewarded myself to an extra special birthday dinner. Being a poor college student, I don't get to treat myself to sushi very often. But hey, it's my day right? After months of living on oatmeal, boxes of mac-n-cheese, and rice, a meal of basil spring rolls, eel, and a big piece of German chocolate was just about as good as it gets.