Sunday, September 8, 2013

I know I don't post often, and I kind of doubt that anyone reads the few that I do. But I feel like I need to say something about my former school of higher learning and my hometown. What a joke they both are. God, Dixie is such a huge joke! I always kind of knew it, but it wasn't until I started spending my days on a real campus that it really settled in. I'm sitting in classes being taught my professors who work on projects for NASA. I finally go to a school where I'm not embarrassed to try and explain what the mascot is.
I always knew I'd be happier when I got out of St. George, but it took moving away to realize what a shithole it truly is. In all my travels, and I've been around, the worse people I've come across are in southern Utah. St. George is the most pretentious, rude, vapid place I've ever been. Nowhere else have I seen people who made 30K a year and are on food-stamps,  yet own two homes, three plus vehicles and take three week Hawaiian vacations.
The first two weeks I was here, I was freaked out by how nice everyone was. I finally realized that there isn't an abundance of nice here, I'm just used to how shitty everyone in St. George is. I also realize that I'm probably a little shitty too being from St. George. But at least I know that and knowing is half the battle.

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