Saturday, February 28, 2009

Message to Me.

So now I’m done with my second week of school, and it’s been a little overwhelming. But I’m hoping that’s over now. I’ve been out for 10 years, and settling into this new groove is going to take a little getting used to. One of the few reoccurring dreams that I remember, is being back in high school, but I can’t remember my locker combination or where any of my classes are. Anyone else ever have that one?

Going back to college as an adult kind of sucks. In some ways it’s nice, because I’m older, and now I know who I am, and what I want to do with my life. But in other ways I’m very much, out of my comfort zone. Between getting all of my classes lined out, and my books and supplies, the whole thing has been a little bewildering. And yet, the feeling is some how familiar at the same time.

Oh, young Ian, there’s just so much, I need to warn you about. And yet, tragically, I can not… But if I could, I guess I’d say.

Don’t wear a tie. Ever.
Don’t spend any time on crushes on popular girls who don’t know your name. Those girls aren’t any fun anyway.
Take Japanese in high school. You’ll understand later.
Invest every penny you earn in Apple stock, but sell it all in August of 2008.
Don’t let mom home school you. Run away and join a cult if you have to, just as long as they offer some kind of communal education.
Don’t slack off on your guitar lessons. It’s just that much harder to pick back up latter. Plus, girls dig guys who can play the guitar.
Go to the library and find a book that teaches you how to pick up on hints from girls. Because otherwise you’re going to miss out on a lot of opportunities buddy.
No matter how many people wear them. No matter how popular they seem to be. Braided leather belts are not cool.
Chuck Taylor Converse All Star’s “Chuck’s” on the other hand, seem to remain cool forever.
You’re probably going to be the first person to come up with the idea to combine a MP3 player and a cell phone. But you won’t be in a position to do anything about it, and a few years later Apple is going to make a billion dollars doing it.
Don’t waist one single second with people who don’t think you’re fine just the way you are. Don’t change to be what anyone else wants you to be. Be who you are.
Don’t let life get you down, because it’ll pass you by before you know it. So enjoy it, and don’t be afraid to give into spontaneity.
When you’re in high school, date the girl next door, or down the street in this case.
When you’re in college, date that same girl. Anyone who’s willing to come get your grumpy ass out of bed early in the morning to go to the fitness center is a keeper.
Just one last thing little guy, study hard in school, especially math. And stay in college, because if you drop out, and don’t go back until you’re in your thirties, I’m going to kick you ass.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Weekend

I know what the weekend is again. No school, no work, it's fantastic! I got up this morning and made buckwheat pancakes, and ate them at an actual kitchen table. Then I had my coffee and read this months NRA magazine. And all that was before 9AM on Friday. Weekends kick ass...

Friday, February 13, 2009


There's something in my kitchen....
It's big, and kind of square, and made out of metal.
It has a door in the front, and 4 metal coils on top.
I can put pots and pans on the metal coils and they get hot.
And then I can put food in the pots and pans, and the food will cook.
It's amazing!

I just had the best bowl of oatmeal I've ever eaten.
I'm going to save a fortune, I've been spending an unacceptable amount of money on food lately. And all the eating out has been bad for my waistline as well. I think I've put back on a lot of the weight I lost over the summer.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Not much to say.

I went for another drive in the desert today. I came across this tree all alone, not another in sight, and I took some pictures. I'm not going to say any more than that because I'm tired. So I going to kick back with Doctor Who, and fall asleep.