Monday, August 31, 2009

The Best Book I've Ever Read.

This is it without a doubt. I have a feeling that no matter how many books I read in my life, this one will always be in my top 5. Top 10 at the very least.

"I Was Told There'd Be Cake" essays by Sloane Crosley

For about the last 8 months, or more, I've been half a dozen pages away from finishing this book. I don't really have an excuse. I can't say I've been busy, because I've logged more than a few hours watching tv in that time. But I finished it last night, and I'm so glad. Not only because I got to start a new one, but because I've been pretty disgusted with myself for the lack of literary input, and all the tv watching.
When I started this book, I hadn't finished the first page before I was in love. When I read the last line, I fell in love all over again. This book is really funny. That is, if funny to you is the same thing as funny to me. If you know what irony really is, you'll like this book. If you have ever laughed at a fat guy in a cut off shirt who was "gittin it dun" then this is probably not he book for you. Mostly because, as a book, with words, it requires the ability to read. Too mean?
So go read it. In fact, I challenge you to read it without smiling.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pleasant Surprises

"I was pleasantly surprised." A phase I hear from time to time. But I never really gave it all that much thought. Most of the surprises in life usually are not really all that pleasant.

"What does the blue + sign mean?"
"Why is there water running under the door?"
"Look mom, I cut my hair myself."
"What was that sound and why is the car slowing down?"

I've been trying to get the tub facet in the guest bathroom fixed for a couple of days. Today, after trips to 4 different stores looking for the part, I finally find it. I get my wallet out, and the guy says, "It's under warranty, no charge.", a little confused I say "Really?" My house was built like 30 years ago, and this part is probably original. He reply's "Moen guarantees for life, here you go, have a nice day."